Outside of being experts in the IT security and compliance field, we also have a key industry differentiator around pricing. We are affordable and tailored for the small to midsize business.

Our model is simple, we have two tier rates depending on whether we manage your network or if you prefer the “la carte” approach.

Managed Clients :
Discounted hourly rate (remote and *onsite) with Priority Service.

Non-Managed Clients :
Competitive hourly rate (remote and *onsite).

Looking for hourly blocks at a discounted rate? How does 20% off sound for 20 hours?

*Onsite assistance is a minimum of two hours.
*Service is billed in increments of 30 minutes.

Pricing Model

To be a part of the Managed Client family, your organization would need to be managed with our Managed Networks solution. We provide and include the maintenance and security software. Most clients end up only needing the extra service for new installs, projects, etc.
Non-Managed Clients are clients that have selected to pay per service rather than having us manage their network proactively. Ideal for clients that only need one to two hours a month for technical assistance.